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"Nothing made much sense when Caoimhe died but the one thing that did was the idea of keeping her memory alive by doing something really worthwhile"

  • Mrs Julie Baker £20.00 19/11/2017

    A beautiful and lovely lady who will be missed by so many. Xx

  • Mr Peter Brett £30.00 17/11/2017

    An inspirational day and an inspirational event

  • Mrs Dawn Paul £180.00 14/11/2017

    From my wonderful courageous Amy, walking 10k when you're a fibro sufferer takes HUGE heart

  • Mr Keith Whitehead £75.00 14/11/2017

    A beautiful, vibrant lady who will be greatly missed.

  • Ms Jackie Lane £25.00 10/11/2017

    Happy Birthday for 30th August 2017. Love your No 1

  • Mrs Karly McCarthy £10.00 02/11/2017

    A very kind thing to do, but Alan was a very kind man so I'm not surprised! RIP Alan xxxx

  • Mr Taimo Finding £10.00 02/11/2017

    Very fond memories of working with Alan. Especially recall his love of holidays but not the 266 bus route! I still think of him whenever I hear classical music. Taimo, Scottvale

  • Mrs Claire Comber £5.00 02/11/2017

    Thinking of you all. Claire, Kev and kids x

  • Miss Aimee Ewins-Jones £20.00 02/11/2017

    Lots of love Aimee x

  • Mrs Kelly Weston £10.00 02/11/2017

    Thinking of all the family at this difficult time xx

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