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"Nothing made much sense when Caoimhe died but the one thing that did was the idea of keeping her memory alive by doing something really worthwhile"

  • £358.83 18/09/2019

    Donations received via Just Giving for Heather McClean's Great North Run. Thank you from the NSPCC

  • Ms Nicky Gray £250.00 17/09/2019

    In memory of my brilliant colleague and friend David.

  • Mrs Jennifer atkins £50.00 11/09/2019

    In loving memory of David from his family x

  • Mr David Sumner £30.00 09/09/2019

    Some money raised from a boot fair for the sale of some of June's clothes & other items.

  • Mrs EILEEN CURTIS £10.00 08/09/2019

    Five years since I lost my beautiful mum. I miss you more and more as each day passes. Love you forever Eileen XXX

  • Miss Rachel Stockham £10.00 06/09/2019

    Another year has gone by and I miss you even more xxx

  • Mr Aaron Hearne £10.00 31/08/2019

    Happy birthday bro ?? x

  • Ms Kerry Bratt £10.00 31/08/2019

    Happy Birthday Liam.

  • Mrs Charlotte Andrews £10.00 31/08/2019

    Love Charlie and Neil x

  • Miss Jade Longo £5.00 31/08/2019

    This still breaks my heart for Liam & his family ?? Hope you smash the fundraising target x

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