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"Nothing made much sense when Caoimhe died but the one thing that did was the idea of keeping her memory alive by doing something really worthwhile"

  • Miss Rachel Madden £27.00 28/06/2017

  • Mr Alan Tear £100.00 28/06/2017

    Happy Birthday Em! xxx

  • Mrs Pamela Canning £20.00 28/06/2017

    Happy birthday gorgeous girl xxx

  • Miss Rachel Stockham £20.00 27/06/2017

    Love being able to log on here and look at the pictures and memories, such a wonderful tribute....I miss them both so much xx

  • Mrs Kathryn Ashton £50.00 23/06/2017

    From Katie Preston

  • £255.00 16/06/2017

    Donation made via Just Giving, thank you from the NSPCC.

  • Dr Dana Brimmer £75.00 09/06/2017

    In memory of a wonderful woman. The Brimmers

  • Dr Michael Clark £100.00 09/06/2017

    In loving memory of Esther and her dedication to caring for others, especially for all her work in Romania, with love from the Clarks

  • Mrs Dawn Paul £2,000.00 07/06/2017

    Amazing donation from my Mayor Jean Farmiloe and the town council.

  • Mrs Anne Bristow £50.00 06/06/2017

    In memory of a much loved aunt and a life well led With love from Anne, Iain and Ailsa ( the Bristows )

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