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  • Richard Turner

    Owner:Cheryl Lunn Raised:£0.00

    Thank you for donating to the NSPCC in memory of Richard.
    The charity was very close to his heart and he was a long standing supporter of their work.
    We would love you to share your memories, thoughts and any photos you have of Richard.

  • Jean Cliff

    Owner:LYNNE Poole Raised:£1,000.00

    It was our mum's (Jean's) wish to leave her remains to medical science, however due to Covid19, this was not possible. Therefore, in her honour and memory we are donating to her favourite charity. Others have asked what they can do in her memory, we ...

  • Robert Laurence

    Owner:Katherine Oldham Target: £200.00 Raised:£0.00

    This fund has been set up in memory of my father, Robert "Bob" Laurence, who passed away peacefully on 25th July 2020 after a long and happy life. Bob was a devoted family man who loved to spend time with his grandchildren and great-grandchildren

  • Carol Hadland

    Owner:Anna-Marie Hadland Target: £200.00 Raised:£70.00

    Mum was an avid supporter of the NSPCC. She gave regular donations and because she loved and cared about children so much, she was always wanting to make sure they were safe, loved and cared for. Because of all these, we decided that NSPCC would be t...

  • Maurice Roeves

    Owner:Vanessa Roëves Raised:£1,464.00

    Maurice requested no flowers but that if people wished they could donate to a cause that was very near to his heart - ensuring the safety and wellbeing of children.

  • Sheila Adams

    Owner:Sophie Lennox Raised:£200.00

    Mum has always supported the work of the NSPCC and we would like to raise some funds in her memory.

  • Jamie Leigh Dennis

    Owner:Jennifer Herbert Target: £500.00 Raised:£700.00

    On the early hours of Saturday 4th July 2020 Jamie Leigh Dennis passed away. He will be truly missed so much by all the family, especially Mum Margaret, Dad Ted, brothers Mark, Adam, Ian and sister Julie and all his friends.

    Jamie had a he...

  • Heather Mottram

    Owner:Dawn Blair Target: £100.00 Raised:£110.00

    We are asking people to donate and leave messages and photographs in memory of Heather. At a time when we cannot all be together to celebrate her life, we hope sharing our wonderful memories here can shine a light on this dark time. Heather would be ...

  • Ron Langridge

    Owner:Calvin Langridge Raised:£270.00

    Ron was a true gentleman in every sense, kind, loyal and considerate who would go out of his way to help people, he did not have a bad word to say about anyone.

    Outgoing and sociable he loved a gathering or a party, a fun-loving husband, f...

  • Beryl Colledge

    Owner:Stephen Roberts Target: £200.00 Raised:£545.00

    She always gave to the NSPCC as she never wanted to see children without