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  • Thomas Knowles

    Owner:Karen Crank Raised:£0.00

    We have set up a tribute fund in Tom’s name for people to donate to the NSPCC rather than send flowers to his funeral.
    The NSPCC was a charity that Tom supported both on a monthly basis and through his will.
    Therefore, we felt that it wou...

  • Christine Sharpe

    Owner:Sharon Sharpe Raised:£150.00

    This fund is in Memory of Christine Sharpe - Chris, Chrisis, Nanna.
    Christine had three children of her own who grew up and married and the family increased with the addition of six grandchildren. She loved them all unconditionally and would d...

  • Dave Storrie

    Owner:Hannah Baker Target: £250.00 Raised:£1,056.00

    This is a fund set up in memory of our Dad - the most wonderful Husband, Father & Grandfather. He was so very deeply loved by us all & he loved being at the centre of all our lives.

    Dad had a wonderful life over the years & certainly lived...

  • Neville Bagnall

    Owner:Jeetendra Patel Raised:£350.00

    Neville himself use to donate each month so it is fitting we all can contribute in his memory.

  • Peter McAree

    Owner:Shiela McAree Raised:£2,925.00

    Dad made his first donation of £15 back in 1997. In 2000, he set up a regular monthly donation and has been donating ever since. He has raised £3500 to date. Dad chose this charity as the welfare of children was always something he was very passio...

  • Edna May Francis

    Owner:Denise Cush Raised:£275.00

    In memory of our dear Mum

  • Jess Gunther

    Owner:David Gunther Target: £500.00 Raised:£915.00

    Jess was a wonderful mother, loving family member and dear friend. she was generous with all she loved never forgetting a birthday or Christmas and always caring.

    Her love of children, family, friends, wildlife and pets, smiling the bigge...

  • Mavis Morrison

    Owner:Rebecca Polain Target: £700.00 Raised:£460.00

    This fund is set up for friends and family to donate to the NSPCC, a charity very close to Mavis's heart. Instead of flowers, which Mavis did of course love, she would much rather that any money spent be donated to protecting and helping children in ...

  • Bill Jones

    Owner:Anita Konieczny Raised:£50.00

    Please feel free to share your memories and photos

  • Paula Harris

    Owner:JEFFREY HARRIS Target: £100.00 Raised:£535.00

    Instead of flowers to remember her, she would appreciate donations that help to protect the vulnerable of this world. Something close to her heart.