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  • Mayor of Hertsmere - Cllr Cynthia Barker

    Owner:Gail Anderson Raised:£680.00

    Elected members and staff at Hertsmere Borough Council and communities across the borough and further afield are deeply saddened by the news of the death of the Mayor of Hertsmere, Cllr Cynthia Barker.

    Cynthia was appointed to the highly p...

  • In loving memory of Lee

    Owner:Kim Lawrence Target: £1,500.00 Raised:£1,400.00

    As Lee passed away so suddenly and tragically on August 27th 2020, as a family we wanted to do something positive and set something up in her memory. NSPCC was the charity close to Lee's heart and she loved children, so we ask that any donations are ...

  • In Memory of Hilda Cornforth

    Owner:Harry Cornforth Raised:£260.00

    Hilda was Secretary of the Consett Branch of NSPCC many years ago so your kind donation would be much appreciated in her memory

  • Jack McNeil

    Owner:Jessica McNeil Raised:£370.00

    As a social worker, Jack went beyond the call of duty for the children and families he worked with. He worked closely with the NSPCC on a number of cases and continued to donate to the charity after his retirement. Jack requested that any funeral don...

  • Sheila Rolls Fund

    Owner:Jo Shane Raised:£220.00

    Sheila's family would love those who loved her, to contribute to this wonderful charity in her memory.

  • John Sivell

    Owner:Linda Wilson Raised:£85.00

    Any thoughts or memories of John, please add.

  • Richard Turner

    Owner:Cheryl Lunn Raised:£145.00

    Thank you for donating to the NSPCC in memory of Richard.
    The charity was very close to his heart and he was a long standing supporter of their work.
    We would love you to share your memories, thoughts and any photos you have of Richard.

  • Jean Cliff

    Owner:LYNNE Poole Raised:£1,315.00

    It was our mum's (Jean's) wish to leave her remains to medical science, however due to Covid19, this was not possible. Therefore, in her honour and memory we are donating to her favourite charity. Others have asked what they can do in her memory, we ...

  • Robert Laurence

    Owner:Katherine Oldham Target: £200.00 Raised:£275.00

    This fund has been set up in memory of my father, Robert "Bob" Laurence, who passed away peacefully on 25th July 2020 after a long and happy life. Bob was a devoted family man who loved to spend time with his grandchildren and great-grandchildren

  • Carol Hadland

    Owner:Anna-Marie Hadland Target: £200.00 Raised:£70.00

    Mum was an avid supporter of the NSPCC. She gave regular donations and because she loved and cared about children so much, she was always wanting to make sure they were safe, loved and cared for. Because of all these, we decided that NSPCC would be t...