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  • Linda Smith

    Owner:Louis Rudd Raised:£80.00

    This fund was created to remember our wonderful mother, Linda Smith. She was a generous supporter of the NSPCC and passionate about the wonderful work it does. A donation of any amount would mean a lot to her and be a fitting tribute to her memory. T...

  • In lieu of flowers for the Funeral of Alan John Curtis

    Owner:EILEEN CURTIS Target: £20.00 Raised:£170.00

    Nora and Arthur's son-in-law of 45 years died suddenly on 17th August 2017. There will be family flowers only but in lieu of flowers donations can be made to Nora & Arthur Stockham's Tribute Fund for the NSPCC

  • Josephine Smith

    Owner:Bernadette Bennett Raised:£0.00

    Mum's last wishes requested donations to NSPCC and a collection on the day of the funeral ( Monday 3rd July) was made. £160 was donated online.
    We're setting up this page to record any future donations in mums memory.

  • Womens Run Glasgow

    Owner:Ruth Moss Target: £500.00 Raised:£0.00

    This is a small event that I am doing having been out of running for a while. Just a 10km but for those of you who know me, road running is not my thing. Hopefully it will raise money for a great cause and remember my lovely little girl at the same t...

  • Barbara Harries

    Owner:Brenda Gray Raised:£100.00

    This fund has been set up in memory of my wonderful mother who would have been 100 years old on 27th July 2017, she always loved children and she would be happy to be helping the NSPCC

  • Maureen Mary Millar

    Owner:Andrea Chrimes Raised:£125.00

    The contributions were requested in lieu of flowers at my mum's funeral as she had always supported the NSPCC.

  • Jean's Walk 2017

    Owner:Helen Marshall Raised:£155.00

    July is nearly upon us and we are here again planning Jean's Walk to remember and to celebrate her life and to think of her especially close to her birthday. We want to raise what money we can and I know mum would be proud to be supporting this cours...

  • South coast challenge 2017

    Owner:Tracey Ruck Target: £400.00 Raised:£110.00

    I'm attempting the 100km (62m) course from Eastbourne to Arundel in memory of my dear friend Sue. Thank you for any and all contributions.
    I made it!! Thanks everyone for your contributions.

  • SueFox

    Owner:Kathryn Ashton Raised:£172.50

    Sue adored being with children, and wanted to help prevent them being harmed. She supported NSPCC, and we wish to continue that support in her memory.

  • Esther Denney

    Owner:Ailsa Sinclair Raised:£450.00

    Donations in Mum's memory will be gratefully received here by the NSPCC.