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  • Phil's 60th Birthday 15000ft Tandem Skydive

    Owner:Natalie Bettinson Target: £1,000.00 Raised:£0.00

    Jumping out of a plane (seemed like a good idea?!) for NSPCC because it was close to Mum's heart & she loved children.

  • Phyllis Bettinson

    Owner:Natalie Bettinson Target: £500.00 Raised:£10.00

    This tribute fund is in memory of Phyllis Bettinson, who was a very much loved Mum and Grandma. Phyllis would have been 100 years old in 2019.

  • Penny Elliott

    Owner:Andrew Elliott Target: £500.00 Raised:£210.00

    Penny was committed to supporting and serving children, through the cub scouts and in many other ways. This fund for NSPCC including Childline and all its other work, reflects Penny's passion and service.

  • Estelle Ordever Memorial

    Owner:Raymond Achilleos Raised:£700.00

    Estelle had no children of her own yet had a deep felt compassion for children in need be that within her own family or elsewhere. Estelle's passing was sudden and unexpected and many of those she has helped over the years had no chance to thank her ...

  • Robert Fletcher

    Owner:Susan Waters Raised:£112.00

    In loving memory of my brother, Robert.

  • Clair Nash

    Owner:Hailey Townsend Target: £300.00 Raised:£535.00

    Mum's funeral will be taking place on 27th March at Coychurch Crematorium Bridgend CF35 6AB at 12pm Her chosen charity is the NSPCC. We are not allowed collections at the service so we have set up this fund in memory of our Mum.

  • Stan Stevens

    Owner:Malcolm Teal Raised:£0.00

    Stan’s family thank you for your donation. Your messages of sympathy and happy memories have been a great comfort to them.

  • June Sumner

    Owner:David Sumner Raised:£320.00

    June always gave money to charity, but was very selective.
    NSPCC was always a charity that was important to her.

  • Rosalind Frances Madden

    Owner:Steven Madden Raised:£300.00

    This fund is in loving memory of Rosalind Frances Madden. She dedicated her life to working with children, offering them love, care and protection in times of need. She would want us to remember her by giving children in need a fighting chance.

  • Helen Polhill

    Owner:Sybil Kapoor Raised:£685.00

    This fund is set up in loving memory of Helen B Polhill.